How To Install Table Adapters

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You have either ordered the OEM replacement or aftermarket table adapters (clips) and you are ready to install them. You should have received: 4 – m4 x 18mm screws 4 – m4 washers 4 – m4 nuts 4 – Adapters (clips) 1 – nut insert tool Much like the original accessory, this installs on the underside of the spare tire … Read More

My Legs vs the Original

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I made my best efforts to replicate the original accessory that takes the spare tire cover and turns it into a camping or tailgating table.  The accessory Honda offered has been discontinued.  This makes it very difficult to locate a set of legs.  Sometimes you will spot them for sale second hand.  Usually the person offering this item knows how … Read More

Honda Element Cup Holder Insert

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I developed a replaceable cup holder insert that fits certain later models of the Honda Element as well as the 1st generation Honda Pilot.  If you have a Honda Element SC model or a 2009+ model, it will fit in your vehicle.  The reason I created this product is because I could not fit my Nalgene style water bottle into … Read More

My 2nd Product

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I took a shorter break from 3D printing when my original printer continued to have heat bed problems.  Having a print fail a few hours in is frustrating and deeply disappointing when you expect results.  Not having a 3D printer didn’t stop my mind from thinking about what I wanted to print.  However, it did stop me from designing anything, … Read More

I’m Back!

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After a long 3 year break I am writing another blog entry.  So much has changed from the time I stopped posting.  I am married, I bought a different car, I’ve traveled outside of the United States, I went on a trip to Las Vegas, and now I own not one but four 3D printers.  Of course way more than … Read More

Extended Battery Tripod Mount

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If you have ever used you phone for an extended period of time taking video or pictures, you will notice it is a huge drain on your precious battery.  My first product I designed and printed was a tripod holder for your mobile device.  It works great, but now I am left with an empty battery in minutes, especially if … Read More

How to modify an STL File

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There are so many creations on Thingiverse, and still you may not have that perfect model that’s an exact fit for your needs.  What you can do is grab the STL file and modify it in your 3D modeling software.  My software of choice is SketchUp.  I get by just fine using the free version.  If I were making any … Read More

My First Product

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I created my first 3D printed product.  It is a universal phone mount for a tripod.  I had to print it a couple times to get the design just right, but I feel like I learned a ton along the way.  I used Sketchup to design the print.  The reason I made my own design when others have STL files … Read More

My Best April Fools Day Prank

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Last year for April Fools day I decided to play a prank on my girlfriend.  She always leaves for work much earlier in the morning than I did at the time.  I got my prank idea from a picture of an air horn duct taped under a computer chair.  The idea here is that the air horn would go off … Read More

Replace your Incandescent Bulbs

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So I just bought my first home and it was about time.  I purchased a home that was built in the early 60’s and it shows.  The structure of the home is fantastic.  However, the efficiency of the home has room for improvement.  The first thing I noticed is the amount of lights around the house.  There were so many … Read More

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