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Honda Element Cup Holder Insert

I developed a replaceable cup holder insert that fits certain later models of the Honda Element as well as the 1st generation Honda Pilot.  If you have a Honda Element SC model or a 2009+ model, it will fit in your vehicle.  The reason I created this product is because I could not fit my Nalgene style water bottle into my original cup holder.  So I would have it laying down in the passenger seat.  Sometimes I would not have the lid completely on, and that would result in a wet seat.

So I created this for myself and was very pleased with the results.  It worked, and it was simple.  I shared this on a Facebook group for Element owners, and it was quite popular.  Many people asked it they could also have one, but i was just not setup for that sort of thing.  Enough people started to ask, and someone in a similar situation suggested I start an Etsy page.  So this is the product that started my Etsy store.

So its a direct snap in replacement that comes in 3 different styles (standard 2 cup, single with phone slot, and deluxe).  The two are pretty self explanatory, but with the deluxe I tried to make something for the daily commuter.  It has a place to organize change, two pen holders, a phone holder as well as the larger cup opening.  If your thermos of choice still has a handle, you’ll be limited to the 2 cup version.  Otherwise, you are able to try out the others.  Also, they stack nicely and can fit in your glove box when they are not in use.  So just owning one is not necessary.  I have printed them in a few different colors,  Most people request black.

I print this in ABS at 50% infill.  I am trying to create a long lasting product knowing that these things will likely never be injection molded.  I have to be realistic.  I created a replacement part for a car that has not been in production for 8 years now.  Additive manufacturing is fantastic for rapid prototyping, and for a small batch of products, its a perfect solution.

To purchase, please visit my esty listing.  Honda Element & Pilot Replacement Cup Holder Insert (Fits 1000ml Nalgene and 32 oz HydroFlask Bottles + more!)