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How to build the Headphone Stand

Thanks for ordering my 3D printed headphone stand. Now make sure you have the following parts.

Your Etsy order should look something like this.

1 x Left Tower
1 x Right Tower
1 x Base
1 x Headphone Hook
3 x Gears
4 x Spacers
2 x Base Connectors
24 x Washers
24 x 3M Screws
1 x Hex Key

3D Printed Parts

First assemble the base. Attach the 2 base connectors to the base its self. The smoother portion of the base is the bottom. 4 bolts push through the center of the base and connect to the adapters like the in the picture below. Washers are optional on the underside of the base.

Next pick either the left or right tower portion and start to assemble it as seen in the pictures below. Make sure to use washers to give it that contrasted look!

Once you have the tower portion all assembled you can connect it to the base. The base can be connected with the two gears in front, or one gear in front. Both ways are very stable. See the orientation of the base below in two different finished headphone stands.

How To Install Third Brake Light Cover

This is a really simple install. With your rear hatch door fully open, locate your third brake light. Notice there is a gap between the light housing and the glass window. Slide the brake cover in between the glass and your light housing. You want to make sure the text reads properly if light were to shine through it. It will not fit backwards (unless you force it, it won’t fit well).

If your brake light cover does not use text, you can easily line the bottom tabs (see picture) with the tab locations in my design.

Honda Element Third Brake Light Housing
Honda Element Brake Light cover

The top portion of the cover (when looking at the illustration above) is designed to slip into your weather strip. It might be easier just to watch my video below! The red arrows signify where the cover is securely held when fully installed.

How to install the Honda Element third brake light cover

If you have not already purchased a cover (I offer many designs and even a custom option) please head over to my Etsy page:

How To Install Table Adapters

You have either ordered the OEM replacement or aftermarket table adapters (clips) and you are ready to install them.

You should have received:

  • 4 – m4 x 18mm screws
  • 4 – m4 washers
  • 4 – m4 nuts
  • 4 – Adapters (clips)
  • 1 – nut insert tool
You should have four of everything pictured (depending on the kit you ordered your adapter or clip may look different).

Much like the original accessory, this installs on the underside of the spare tire cover.  You simply remove it and flip it over to show the anchor points.  Assuming you did not have the original kit, you will find 4 mounting points near the inside corners of the cover.

Notice in the illustration above that the supplied nut needs to slide under the bracket.  I have provided a tool to make that part easier.  Just place the nut on the tool and align it with the factory hole.  Orientation of the adapters wont completely matter with the reproduction of the OEM clips.  However, I did design them to align flush with the design of the cover.  If you are installing the aftermarket adapters orientation will matter.  You should be supplied with 2 versions of the clips, one is just a mirror of the other.  Because the legs are slightly offset the mounting point is not perfectly center where the adapter secures to the cover.  When you align the aftermarket adapters you want the protruding portion to be closest to the center of the cover.  I have included a video that should make it much easier to understand.

This video is focused on the aftermarket adapters, but would cover the basics of the original adapters.

I have been told that many of us have warped covers as we haul things and our Elements age.  If this is true, the legs may be difficult to attach.  We have found that connecting them on the flat surface while stepping on the center (to correct the warp) will allow the legs to connect.

I should also mention currently Walmart has the preferred legs on sale for 28 dollars.  This price is obviously subject to change.  Sometimes carries the legs too, currently they only sell them through 3rd party vendors (and that is always a pain, I don’t recommend using amazon at this time.).