My First Product

I created my first 3D printed product.  It is a universal phone mount for a tripod.  I had to print it a couple times to get the design just right, but I feel like I learned a ton along the way.  I used Sketchup to design the print.  The reason I made my own design when others have STL files available is because all of them seemed to require a nut from the hardware store.  While that is probably a more universal fit for every tripod, it involved a trip to the store.  I made my design in mind of not purchasing any additional hardware (I happen to have rubber bands lying around).

My tripod has a 41 x 41 mm (1 5/8 x 1 5/8 inch) quick release plate on top.  I researched that this is called a 3502 Quick Release Plate.  I designed it with an opening in the center so that I can change out parts and make it more universal.  It is also designed to be wider at the bottom to stop it from pulling completely out.  This same part that slides through the mount plate has a hook at the bottom to secure the rubber band tied to the cap.

The cap is designed to slide in and out of the tallest part to allow for different sized phones.  It also has a few different sizes cut into the portion that grips the phone.  I specifically designed this for my phone and my girlfriends phone (HTC DNA, LG Nexus 7).  I would imagine any of the newer iPhone’s would fit just fine.  If your phone is roughly 70 mm wide it should make a great fit.  The trouble with any fit will likely be your tripod.


if you would like to download this print for your own printer, check it out:



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