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My Legs vs the Original

I made my best efforts to replicate the original accessory that takes the spare tire cover and turns it into a camping or tailgating table.  The accessory Honda offered has been discontinued.  This makes it very difficult to locate a set of legs.  Sometimes you will spot them for sale second hand.  Usually the person offering this item knows how rare it is, and the price reflects this.  I really liked the idea of creating a set of legs for myself, because I didn’t buy my first Element until late 2016.  I was too late to buy any of these accessories new.

I researched the legs, and read a post somewhere that a set of Coleman legs were really similar.  They supported the table, but didn’t connect.  I hoped if they were close enough I could develop an adapter to solve this issue and at least have a similar set for my own adventures.

You can see the original set of legs, they have a socket where a plastic adapter inserts to secure to the top.  The Coleman legs were designed to connect to a pole, similar to a Lego hand.  I was pleased to see that the Coleman legs did the movement.  3D printing something designed to go through stress to function is not ideal.  My final design accounts for the slight offset as well as allows the legs to connect no matter the direction the ‘Lego’ hand approaches it.  I also had to account for a limited height so the adapter would not impede with the final resting place of the table top (covering the spare).

I went through several changes to reach my final product.  Each of them solved a new problem I faced.
Recreation of the OEM clips in Nylon – Aftermarket Adapters in Nylon – Recreation of the OEM clips in ABS

In the picture above, comparing the original clips to the aftermarket adapters I designed you can see how my design does not allow for movement or flex.  That is because it is not needed.  its a stationary socket that the legs are designed to grip.  Because of this, the aftermarket design is superior.

The Coleman legs have a wider footprint.  This makes them more stable.  They are also constructed with steel.  One of the best parts is that they have a pin in place to stop the sliding mechanism when they are fully extended.  With the original legs you just have to guess as you line it up.  The Coleman legs open so easily too.  The original legs are pretty difficult to spread open.  You could easily open the Coleman legs with one hand.

So at the end of the day, both legs accomplish the same thing.  However, I feel I am selling a superior product.  

  • Steel vs Aluminum
  • Adapter is not prone to snap off
  • Reasonable cost (~60 depending on Coleman’ cost)
  • Wider stance – Table will be more stable and less capable of buckling under stress.
  • Still in production

If you would like to purchase my adapter I sell it on my Etsy store here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/618863326/honda-element-aftermarket-table-kit

To purchase the accompanying legs go here: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Coleman-Compact-Folding-Table/20594119

Because a few of you asked, I also recreated the OEM clips.  Those can be found here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/650451190/replacement-oem-element-table-clips

Honda Element Cup Holder Insert

I developed a replaceable cup holder insert that fits certain later models of the Honda Element as well as the 1st generation Honda Pilot.  If you have a Honda Element SC model or a 2009+ model, it will fit in your vehicle.  The reason I created this product is because I could not fit my Nalgene style water bottle into my original cup holder.  So I would have it laying down in the passenger seat.  Sometimes I would not have the lid completely on, and that would result in a wet seat.

So I created this for myself and was very pleased with the results.  It worked, and it was simple.  I shared this on a Facebook group for Element owners, and it was quite popular.  Many people asked it they could also have one, but i was just not setup for that sort of thing.  Enough people started to ask, and someone in a similar situation suggested I start an Etsy page.  So this is the product that started my Etsy store.

So its a direct snap in replacement that comes in 3 different styles (standard 2 cup, single with phone slot, and deluxe).  The two are pretty self explanatory, but with the deluxe I tried to make something for the daily commuter.  It has a place to organize change, two pen holders, a phone holder as well as the larger cup opening.  If your thermos of choice still has a handle, you’ll be limited to the 2 cup version.  Otherwise, you are able to try out the others.  Also, they stack nicely and can fit in your glove box when they are not in use.  So just owning one is not necessary.  I have printed them in a few different colors,  Most people request black.

I print this in ABS at 50% infill.  I am trying to create a long lasting product knowing that these things will likely never be injection molded.  I have to be realistic.  I created a replacement part for a car that has not been in production for 8 years now.  Additive manufacturing is fantastic for rapid prototyping, and for a small batch of products, its a perfect solution.

To purchase, please visit my esty listing.  Honda Element & Pilot Replacement Cup Holder Insert (Fits 1000ml Nalgene and 32 oz HydroFlask Bottles + more!)