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Extended Battery Tripod Mount

If you have ever used you phone for an extended period of time taking video or pictures, you will notice it is a huge drain on your precious battery.  My first product I designed and printed was a tripod holder for your mobile device.  It works great, but now I am left with an empty battery in minutes, especially if recording video.

So I decided to make a mount and holster for my extended battery.  Now I can record for as long as I like!  The only problem with my design is that it will likely only fit my particular tripod.  This was a simple enough design to create, so if you don’t have my exact tripod, hopefully you can create one (or modify mine).

Sorry for the potato quality pictures, since my phone is pictured as an example, I had to use my tablet.


With this design, it will firmly grip to the side of a tripod leg with no tools required.

The extended battery I am using can be purchased here: Jockery 12000 mAh Battery Extender

If you are interested in downloading this file, it can be seen on Thingiverse.