How To Install Table Adapters

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You have either ordered the OEM replacement or aftermarket table adapters (clips) and you are ready to install them. You should have received: 4 – m4 x 18mm screws 4 – m4 washers 4 – m4 nuts 4 – Adapters (clips) 1 – nut insert tool Much like the original accessory, this installs on the underside of the spare tire … Read More

My Legs vs the Original

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I made my best efforts to replicate the original accessory that takes the spare tire cover and turns it into a camping or tailgating table.  The accessory Honda offered has been discontinued.  This makes it very difficult to locate a set of legs.  Sometimes you will spot them for sale second hand.  Usually the person offering this item knows how … Read More

Honda Element Cup Holder Insert

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I developed a replaceable cup holder insert that fits certain later models of the Honda Element as well as the 1st generation Honda Pilot.  If you have a Honda Element SC model or a 2009+ model, it will fit in your vehicle.  The reason I created this product is because I could not fit my Nalgene style water bottle into … Read More