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How to build the Headphone Stand

Thanks for ordering my 3D printed headphone stand. Now make sure you have the following parts.

Your Etsy order should look something like this.

1 x Left Tower
1 x Right Tower
1 x Base
1 x Headphone Hook
3 x Gears
4 x Spacers
2 x Base Connectors
24 x Washers
24 x 3M Screws
1 x Hex Key

3D Printed Parts

First assemble the base. Attach the 2 base connectors to the base its self. The smoother portion of the base is the bottom. 4 bolts push through the center of the base and connect to the adapters like the in the picture below. Washers are optional on the underside of the base.

Next pick either the left or right tower portion and start to assemble it as seen in the pictures below. Make sure to use washers to give it that contrasted look!

Once you have the tower portion all assembled you can connect it to the base. The base can be connected with the two gears in front, or one gear in front. Both ways are very stable. See the orientation of the base below in two different finished headphone stands.