How To Install Third Brake Light Cover

This is a really simple install. With your rear hatch door fully open, locate your third brake light. Notice there is a gap between the light housing and the glass window. Slide the brake cover in between the glass and your light housing. You want to make sure the text reads properly if light were to shine through it. It will not fit backwards (unless you force it, it won’t fit well).

If your brake light cover does not use text, you can easily line the bottom tabs (see picture) with the tab locations in my design.

Honda Element Third Brake Light Housing
Honda Element Brake Light cover

The top portion of the cover (when looking at the illustration above) is designed to slip into your weather strip. It might be easier just to watch my video below! The red arrows signify where the cover is securely held when fully installed.

How to install the Honda Element third brake light cover

If you have not already purchased a cover (I offer many designs and even a custom option) please head over to my Etsy page:

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