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  1. I like the adapters you’ve made for the coleman legs. It would be nice if they sold them separately, without the table top.

  2. Hello Jacob, I purchased a “toaster” brake light cover for my 2011 element. Unfortunately the T and the R didn’t fit ☹️. Do you have one that fits a 2009-2011. I only say that because things changed on the lights after 08 models.
    It’s my favorite accessory so far on the element.
    Sadly the vanity license plate was already taken.

    1. Hi Carl,

      I’m sorry I didnt see your comment right away. I could send you a rear break light with Toaster slightly smaller. I was not aware of any differences from 2003-2011 on the third brake light. I even have a guy in the inside that matched part numbers and said they are the same for both iterations. I’m going to reach out to through e-mail so we can resolve any issues.

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