My First 3D Printer

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I have been dreaming of owning a 3D printer for several years now.  It was hard to justify the purchase of such an expensive hobby when I was still a slave to rent.  Well, I finally bought my first home, so now I can justify it! I still wanted to be conservative about the price point, and I didn’t want … Read More

How to Properly Wire CAT6 (Part 3 of 3) [Terminating and Testing Your Runs]

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So by now you should have read how to run the cable as well as plan your project.  The last things you will need to do are terminate your connections and test them! First we should quickly go over the two RJ45 wiring standards.  There is A (T-568A) and B (T-568B) standards.  There really isn’t a benefit to one over … Read More

How to Properly Wire CAT6 (Part 2 of 3) [Estimating Your Job and Running the Cable]

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Alright, you already read what tools and supplies you will need, now lets move on to the next steps.  Are you doing this for yourself or for a company?  Are you getting paid?  You need to give that company an accurate estimate.  In order for you to do this, it would be best if you had a PDF floor plan … Read More

How to Properly Wire CAT6 (Part 1 of 3) [Tools and Supplies]

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Tonight I am going to go over something every tech person should do at least once.  I feel every system administrator or tech geek should be able to wire their home or office with at least a few network runs.  In order to do it properly you will want the following tools: Cable Snake Dremel or Drywall (Jab) Saw (Cordless) Drill … Read More

How to Backup your Linux Server with Google Drive (Step 3 of 3) [Remote Backup Script & Grive Script]

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This is the last post for this how to.  Hopefully you have already read and completed the following posts: Part 1 – Local backup script Part 2 – Installing Grive Now we create another script.  This script may be different depending on whether or not you decided to go with a separate backup server.  I am going to paste this entire script … Read More

How to Backup your Linux Server with Google Drive (Step 2 of 3) [Installing Grive]

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Welcome back! Hopefully you have already read my previous post.  Now that you have local backups automatically running on your Linux server, we need to get those files synced to Google Drive.  I am going to explain the step where I pull all my backup files to a backup server.  If this is unnecessary for your needs, feel free to … Read More

How to Backup your Linux Server with Google Drive (Step 1 of 3) [Local Backup Script]

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I have a couple of Ubuntu and Centos VPS’s and I needed a solution to backup to a remote location.  I wanted this backup location to be something I could trust, but also inexpensive.  My main concern was keeping this backup separated from my VPS provider (Not that they have not been more than adequate).  There is a saying, and … Read More

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